It is important to check your plans before making a reservation, but plans change sometimes – we understand. Cancellation fees may apply according to the following:

  • Cancellations made more then 4 hours prior pick up time are free. Only called in or emailed cancellations with 555Limo confirmation of cancellation considered valid.
  • All long distance reservations free cancellation policy is 48 hours. All reservations canceled in less then 48 hours will be charged in full. Long distance: Orlando, Fort Myers, Naples, Tampa, Key West and area.
  • Cancellations that are made less than 72 hours for minibuses / super stretch limousines before the scheduled pickup time will result in a cancellation fee equal to the full fare of the trip plus tax.
  • A late cancellation, which is a cancellation that is called in four (4) hours prior (applicable to all cars, aside from super stretch limousine and mini-bus) result in a cancellation fee equal to the full amount of the invoice, including fare, tax, and any other charges such as tolls, car seats, parking, and airport / port fee.
  • "No-shows" (the client ran out of waiting time, or calls the driver off when he is on-location) will result in a cancellation fee equal to the full amount of the invoice, which includes full fare, tax, car seats, meet and greet, parking, airport or port fees, tolls (if any) and waiting time charges as described within "Waiting Times and Stops", along with any other extras the client requests.
  • If you cannot locate your chauffeur or vehicle, please call (954) 999 4417 and speak with representative (NO VOICE MAILS PLEASE) to avoid a "no show" fee. If the client fails to contact us when they unable to locate their driver or vehicle, the reservation will be considered a "Late Cancel / no show" (Refer to the "Late Cancellations" policy noted above). It is fully the client's responsibility to contact us if they cannot see the chauffeur at the pick-up location. Airports & Ports have have very strict pick up instructions and we must follow it. Please contact us to be connected with your driver.
  • Customer will be charged in full if child or baby car seat was not ordered with us or customer did not have their own car seat. Driver will not be able to transfer you to your destination without a proper car seat for your child.
  • Please be aware: 555Limo does not allow ANY luggage in the salon besides computer bag or light ladies hand bag. If you ordered a vehicle with us and failed to provide correct luggage amount or description of your luggage you will have to hire another vehicle to transport the extra luggage. In case you refuse a ride with us because of it, you will be charge the full price plus any extras (if any) such as tolls, parking, waiting time, etc.
  • Please be aware: If you (customer) do not want us to truck your flight - please specify it in a coment section. We will follow your requested time and will not monitor your flight.

555Limo reserve the right to update this policy periodically to describe changes that may affect our use of your information, and to let you know of new controls or privacy act features that we may provide you.