• Super Stretch Cadillac Escalade

    Super Stretch Cadillac Escalade

    One of the largest vehicles in our fleet, and perhaps one of the most luxurious and popular. This Escalade Super Stretch has been stretched out 180', making it the one of the largest street-legal Escalades on the road today. It can comfortably fit up to 18 people. Our fancy Limousine has 8 bars, ice bars and 42 inch flat-screen TV in front. Limousine has a love seat, multicolor lights, and hardwood floor. Our Super Stretch is perfect for Weddings, PROMs, and Birthdays, Night on the Town and Romantic ride for 2. Book it now and enjoy it tomorrow.
  • Cadillac XTS

    Cadillac XTS

    The new American legend. Introducing the newest, the latest, and the luxuries addition to our fleet the Cadillac XTS 2018. The most spacious and comfortable vehicle. This vehicle greatly demonstrates latest technologies along with comfort, style and prestige. Forget about old standards, Cadillac XTS is a new standard of prestige American Limo. 3 passengers with 3 pieces of luggage.

  • Mercedes S550

    Mercedes S550

    555LIMO happy and excited to introduce our brand new 2017 Mercedes S550. Legendary, Flagship car of our fleet. Outstanding performance, luxury, style, comfort. Treat yourself into best - book your SVIP ride now . Comfort, Style, Prestige! Heads turning car, total privacy. Let everybody see you arrived! Treat yourself in to luxury VIP Mercedes S550. Mercedes Benz speaks for itself! 3 passengers with 2 - 3 medium pieces of luggage
  • Mercedes Sprinter VAN 2016

    Mercedes Sprinter VAN 2016

    Introducing new vehicle in our fleet 2017 Mercedes Sprinter VAN. New 14 passengers First Class VAN generation of prestige, luxury and comfort. Interior height 6'4", leather seats, TV, stereo, double AC and smell of brand new car. Treat your selves in to luxury. Book it now and arrive in style tomorrow.

  • Cadillac Escalade ESV

    Cadillac Escalade ESV

    When it comes to image and luxury, the Cadillac Escalade ESV is second to none. The flagship SUV of our fleet, it seats six comfortably and fits plenty of luggage due to it being an ESV model (up to 6 pieces) . Best American Standard of luxury, success and prestige. Pamper yourself in the fully loaded Cadillac Escalade, you won't regret it. Let everybody see - you arrived! 6 passengers with 6 pieces of luggage.
  • Platinum Edition Cadillac Escalade CEO Style.

    Platinum Edition Cadillac Escalade CEO Style.

    Platinum Edition CEO Style Cadillac Escalade - the only one in SE Florida. The Car that make Us proud. Exclusive, Private, Stylish and extremely Elegant CEO Cadillac. Super comfortable for up to 5 passengers. Business or Leisure. Enjoy Satellite TV, video, audio, refrigerator, privacy partition and more.
  • Stretch Limo 6 passengers

    Stretch Limo 6 passengers

    Dear Customers, www.555LIMO.com happy and excited to introduce our newly redecorated, spectacular, hot and fancy 6 passengers limo. A symbol of exclusivity, these stretches can carry six people in comfort and luxury. All of our Town Car stretches are wide, cozy and safe. Book
  • Lincoln Town Car

    Lincoln Town Car

    When it comes to luxury sedans, there's a relatively broad swath of automobiles to choose from today. But if you like traditional American full-size, body-on-frame rear-wheel-drive luxury sedans, and you pine for one of those quiet, rock-solid and reliable around-the-town and cross-country cruisers, there's pretty much one car to pick: The Lincoln Town Car.
  • VAN (Chevy or Ford)

    VAN (Chevy or Ford)

    A large passenger VAN that is designed for transporting 10 people with plenty of luggage while remaining cost effective. A VAN will sit up to 10 passengers with up to 10-12 pieces of luggage or 14 people no luggage, without compromising the look one would expect from a limousine. VAN has TV, dual AV, tinted windows, etc.
  • Mini Bus, Mini Coach

    Mini Bus, Mini Coach

    The largest vehicle we have. Krystal Mini Bus can comfortably seat 22 people, with extended leg space, high chairs, TV, dual AV, large, tinted windows and large, separate compartment for luggage in the back. It is the ideal vehicle for transporting a large group or Family from Airport to Port, or any other transfers. Our Mini Bus is great for hourly service or City Tours. Enjoy your ride. 22 passengers with 22+ pieces of luggage.